Drive Thru Image.PNGAt EthosEnergy we provide overhauled and warrantied equipment, upgrades and refurbished gas turbines and power generation equipment, globally.

Using global turbomachinery resources, our experienced technicians provide quality rotating equipment. This includes, core aeroderivative engines, complete gas turbine generator packages, Frame 5, Frame 6 and Frame 9 rotor assemblies, and fast-track mobile generator sets for emergency or disaster relief.

Our inventory of new, previously owned, and grey market equipment can help lower capital costs, reduce project schedules, and improve overall project economics. Information is provided on the maintenance history of our refurbished gas turbine equipment to guarantee its reliability.

These value-added services are only possible from a company like EthosEnergy - a company dedicated to the power business with a unique approach and broad span of technologies.  



See below our current stock of new and used gas turbine and power generation equipment for sale! Click on the product name for full specifications.

SGT-400 Mobile GTGSiemensSGT-40012.9MW2
LM6000-PC SPRINT IHI PackageGeneral ElectricGE 7LM6000-PC SPRINT501
LM6000-PD IHI PackageGeneral ElectricGE 7LM6000-PD-NGD442
LM6000-PA S&S PackageGeneral ElectricLM6000-PA401
PG9161E PackageGeneral ElectricGE PG9161E94.52
GE Frame 5LGeneral ElectricMS5001L162
FT4C-1DPratt & WhitneyFT4C-1D Twin Pac523
FT4C-3FPratt & WhitneyFT4C-3F Twin Pac564
TG50EthosEnergyTG50D5U144.5 and 140.5As Required
ABB Type 8ABBType 850,330 kW1
TG20EthosEnergyTG20B7/8UG45.4 and 44.3As Required
Taurus 7301Solar®Taurus 7301 Dual Fuel Standard Combustion1500RPM, 50Hz, 11,000 voltsAs Required
Taurus 7901Solar®Taurus 60-7901SA1500RPM, 50HZ, 5.5Kv2