Decomission Relocation


The end of a power plant life cycle presents particular challenges for power plant owners.  A power plant can be decommissioned, sold, or relocated, but these solutions require special knowledge of the power industry. 

Our expert engineers provide decommissioning and long-term on-site or offsite storage services while our experienced Procurement, Construction and Commissioning professionals support developers of new plants or operators expanding the capacity of existing facilities.

If the decision is made to sell the equipment, EthosEnergy can provide marketing services for the plant equipment, using web and direct marketing methods.   

In addition, EthosEnergy provides turnkey relocation services, including the removal from the original site, transport to a new location, and reinstallation at a new greenfield or brownfield site.  Upgrades and conversions are also available, completing the lifecycle with a return to service of a more efficient, more reliable, and more economical power plant.