Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

EthosEnergy provides comprehensive third party operations and maintenance (O&M) services for power plant owners. Our proven programs, practices and procedures have been honed from a solid foundation of operating experience, with a focus on enhanced plant performance and reliability, commercial optimization and regulatory compliance.

Both new and existing facilities are managed under a Care, Custody and Control philosophy where scope typically consists of initial mobilization and daily operations, as well as routine preventative and predictive maintenance. Service standards are ensured through the implementation of core processes developed from extensive industry experience and technical knowledge.

Our risk based approach allows us to minimize technical and commercial risks around our customers' assets and our transparent and flexible contracting allows for a true partnership approach, reinforced with performance based contracts.

By applying our management systems, we are able to stay aligned with our customers' drivers, measure our performance and continuously improve. 

Our industry leading operational and regulatory compliance performance has been rewarded by attracting a global customer base exceeding 25,000MW of installed capacity. For both brownfield and greenfield projects, we deliver complete care, custody and control services to support day-to-day operations and routine maintenance to help minimize unplanned equipment failures and increase plant uptime.

O&M Services include:

  • Daily plant operations 
  • Operator training and qualification
  • Routine maintenance 
  • Supply chain, major maintenance management 
  • CMMS system integration 
  • Performance monitoring & diagnostics 
  • Personnel staffing and Human Resource functions 
  • Procurement services 
  • Regulatory Compliance for environmental, health & safety and NERC
  • NERC managed services