Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

EthosEnergy’s Upgrades and Life Extension portfolio includes a comprehensive range of products and services designed to deliver improved engine performance and output, plant availability, reliability & flexibility. From control system upgrades, fuel and seal conversions, brush seal innovations, inlet solutions, to automated tuning and advanced turbine monitoring & diagnostics (M&D) solutions.

Turbomachinery owners and operators modify and upgrade their existing equipment for a variety of reasons, including changes in environmental regulations, adjustments to the plant’s operating profile, plant relocation, or the creation and/or expansion of available fuel supplies.

Our experienced engineers provide tailor-made solutions, applying new technology to help improve start reliability, thermal efficiency, power output, availability, emissions, fuel efficiency and capital cost savings. Having worked on almost every application and major OEM turbine globally, EthosEnergy brings unrivaled expertise in reverse engineering both at our facilities and on-site.