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Welcome to EthosEnergy in Hengelo, The Netherlands

EthosEnergy in Hengelo is our Center of Competence for the repair and upgrade of centrifugal compressors, reverse engineering, and manufacturing of parts and field service on centrifugal compressors and their drivers. We serve the (Petro)Chemical, Oil & Gas, Gas transportation and Industrial markets.


Where is EthosEnergy Hengelo?

EthosEnergy Hengelo is based in The Netherlands. It is located in the second largest industrial area in The Netherlands.



Engineered Solutions:​Shop Service:​Field Service:

+ Reverse engineering and supply of parts

+ Retrofit parts

+ Unit re-rates / re-designs

+ Dry gas seal upgrade

+ Upgraded impellers

+ Rotor inspections

+ Rotor repairs

+ Advanced weld repairs

+ Diaphragm / stationary component repairs

+ Complete unit or bundle shop overhaul

+ Low and high speed balancing

+ Performance assessments as site

+ Minor inspection in the field

+ Major overhauls in the field

+ Dry gas seal exchange

+ Troubleshooting and vibrations analysis


For all Original Equipment manufacturers - please contact us.

Our Customers Benefit From:

+ Custom upgrades to increase a centrifugal compressor performance

+ Fleet wide solutions

+ Major and minor outages on compressors and their drivers

+ Fast and cost effective alternative to the OEMs

+ Reverse engineering and manufacturing of parts

+ Low and high speed balancing

+ Long term agreements


For our list of Accreditations click here.


To watch our compressor capability video click here.

+ Over 20 Years of Experience in Engineering Capabilities

+ ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified

+ SCC (Safety Certificate for Contractors) (VCA) Certified

​For more information on our products and services or to watch our Compressor Capability video click here. Or to watch our other Videos, please see our Video Page 

+ Contact Details

EthosEnergy Hengelo
Industrieplein 3
7553 LL Hengelo, The Netherlands
+31 74 240 2610