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Welcome to EthosEnergy in Wroclaw, Poland

EthosEnergy in Wroclaw, Poland specializes in overhauls and modernizations of steam turbines. With world-class safety, our engineering and manufacturing services are performed at the highest level to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions. We can undertake specialist work, both in power plants using portable machines and in our dedicated facility to meet the needs of our customers. Our workshop possesses a rich machinery stock which includes many types of machine tools, such as: CNC lathes, CNC millers, CNC borers and low speed balancing. 

We are a single source provider for parts delivery, steam turbine inspections, overhauls and modernizations, rotor and casing repairs, rotor balancing, steam path and couplings alignment, commissioning, and trim balancing (on-site HSB). Our customers can trust us for availability and reliability.

Where is EthosEnergy Poland?

EthosEnergy has workshops and offices globally, with our Eastern Hemisphere corporate office in Aberdeen. We have two workshops in Poland; our Wroclaw workshop is indicated by the star.


Due to size, cost, time and risk associated with transportation of large steam turbine elements, our Wroclaw team has developed a wide range of mobile machines and solutions including, but not limited to:

+ Rotor straightening

+ Low speed balancing

+ Casing boring machines

+ Valve boring and polishing machines

+ Rotor lathe machines

+ Valve and flange repair units

+ Couplings and journals machining units

+ Milling machines

+ Pipe cutting and beveling machines

+ Heat treatment units

Our Customers Benefit From:

+ High quality services

+ Fast and cost-effective alternative to the OEM

+ A more reliable solution

+ Execution of comprehensive machining of all turbine components at one site

+ Capable of performing specialist work both on-site or in our workshop

+ All spares come with full warranty

+ Over 200 Employees

​For more information on our products and services or to watch our Videos, please see our Video Page

+ Contact Details

EthosEnergy Sp. Z.o.o (Poland)
ul Paprontna 12a
51-177 Wroclaw, Poland
+48 71 326 6900