Chic Furniture raises over £7,000

February 7, 2019

Christine Cairns, Learning, Development and Competency Manager at Light Turbines in Aberdeen has raised an impressive £7,000 and counting, for Friends of Anchor by upcycling and selling old furniture.

As you may remember from our last article on Christine’s fundraising efforts, she creates beautiful hand painted and decoupage artworks as ‘Chic by Christine Cairns‘ and sells them on her Facebook page with all the proceeds being donated to Friends of Anchor.

Friends of Anchor is a charity close to Christine’s heart which is why she donates all the profits made from her creations as a thank you to what they have done for her family.

Christine Cairns, Learning, Development and Competency Manager, said “We wanted to show the gratitude we have for them; how thankful we are that they go the extra mile, which really makes a big difference to people when they’re in a vulnerable position.”

Friends of Anchor is an Aberdeen based charity that is committed to the vision of ensuring every cancer patient in the North-East has access to the highest quality support, treatment and care. The ANCHOR Unit covers the dedicated wards and clinics within Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for oncology and haematology patients.

Christine’s fundraising efforts have recently been featured in Friends of Anchor’s new fundraising brochure. The brochure, which is part of a fundraising campaign ‘ANCHORED Together’ aims to support their effort to raise £2 million by 2021 to fund a new Anchor Centre which will be opening at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. This campaign will raise funds for specific rooms within the new, purpose built cancer and haematology out and day patient centre, as well as maximising the look and feel of the building with a plan for outdoor gardens, terraces and exciting interior. Once open, the centre will support 250 patients a day equalling 65,000 patients a year.

Congratulations on the impressive fundraising efforts Christine, we cant wait to see what fabulous creations you come up with next!