Cracking Day for an Egg Race

April 22, 2019

On Easter Monday this week, members of our team from the Lubliniec facility in Poland took part in a charity race called Run With Eggs.

Instead of having a traditional Easter meal or eating lots of chocolate eggs, , Damian Kowalik (Export Sales Specialist), Michal Kowalczyk (Senior Customer Service Coordinator) and Marcin Gajowski (Senior Customer Service Coordinator) took on a 7km run. The race involved scrambling through the forests of Lubliniec, picking up two eggs and successfully making it to the finish line with the eggs unbroken. Thankfully the team didn’t crack under pressure!

The charity race donated all the fees and money raised to a local boy suffering with a brain tumor.

The event encourages friends, families and colleagues to spend time together, having fun and doing some eggs-ercise.

Run With Eggs has been held on Easter Monday for the last six years. Team EthosEnergy were beaten and first place was poached by the more experienced runners. However there were no broken eggs in sight.

Well done team Lubliniec, it looks like you had an egg-cellent Easter Monday!