Developing Future Talent

May 3, 2019

Jason Marshall, Applications Engineer in Raleigh, North Carolina was recently invited to conduct mock job interviews with engineering students from North Carolina (NC) State University.

The students were part of the Women and Minority Engineering Program (WMEP) which aims to develop and maintain programs that assist in the recruitment, mentoring, job placement and graduation of underrepresented students within the College of Engineering at NC State University. This program is set up specifically to help Women, African American, Native American and Hispanic students.

Jason was invited by Jenna Hartwell, the Associate Director of Women and Minority Engineering Programs to conduct mock interviews with students from the E-145: Engineering as a field of study and profession class. This class aims to help students with career and professional development, goal setting, decision making and effective communication strategies and includes skills such as resume writing, interviewing skills, internships, co-operative education and critical thinking.

Jason was sent the students resumes and a list of sample questions prior to the interviews to allow him to prepare.

All of the students taking part were looking for internships and co-op jobs, so this was a great opportunity to learn valuable interview skills and prepare for future job interviews.

Jason Marshall, Application Manager, said “I was very impressed with the interviewees. They were poised, well prepared and gave thoughtful answers to my questions.  In fact, the class was greatly amused by my stunned reaction when one of the interviewees asked me a specific question about EthosEnergy and any unique aspects of working for a joint venture. He had done his own research on the interviewer!”

Well done Jason, it great to see you are helping to develop future engineering talent!