Eight Years and 400,000 Hours

March 27, 2019

Our O&M plant in Telfer, Australia recently achieved an incredible eight years and 400,000 hours without a single recordable injury!

The Telfer Power Station is located in the middle of the Australian outback in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and is run by Newcrest Mining, Australia’s largest gold producer.

EthosEnergy has supplied electricity to the Newcrest Telfer Gold and Copper Mine since December 2010. The Power Station operates three LM6000 simple gas turbines, six diesel generators and all associated support equipment. Out of 1,500 employees that work on the site, EthosEnergy has 23 employees who work on a two week rotation period. Of the original staff that were employed by EthosEnergy five employees; Neil Frey (Facility Manager), Nelson Da Rocha (OMT), Ashlee Panting (Supervisor), Mike Nolan (Superintendent) and Justin Ridgewell (Leading Hand) have contributed to all eight years and 400,000 hours.In order to achieve this, EthosEnergy set expectations on how to work safely. Firstly, the site management team led by example and supported the safety programs throughout. Secondly, the team worked in partnership with the customer, sharing best practices and leveraging programs. Thirdly, safety was integrated into daily conversations and staff were encouraged to look after each other and speak up if they noticed any issues. Lastly, the team participated in a customer safety program called New Safe. This program was designed to drive improvements in safety by focusing on four key behaviours: Resist Pressure, Isolate Correctly, Speak Up and No Short Cuts.


Being located in the desert brings about a unique set of challenges for the plant. In the summer temperatures can reach up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The team regularly has to deal with dust storms and bush fires as well as local wildlife such as dingoes, camels, lizards and venomous snakes.

Neil Frey, Facility Manager said “At Telfer we strive to make safety something that people want to do, not something that they have to do. I am very proud of the team’s ongoing commitment to safety.”

Congratulations to everyone at the Telfer Power Station for all of your hard work on this amazing achievement!