Has a delay in your planned outage resulted in an emergency shut down?

EthosEnergy can provide FAST Track solutions, supporting a wide range of equipment.

As a prominent provider of on-site maintenance, repair and overhaul services for a multitude of industries including geothermal, oil & gas, power generation and more, EthosEnergy’s Union Field Service team has the experience and qualifications necessary to successfully manage all areas of your rotating and reciprocating equipment’s emergency requirements.

EthosEnergy’s Union Field Service team understands the need for immediate response and flexible solutions, especially during unforeseen circumstances, which is why we have developed an impeccable programme to deal with emergency repairs.

Why Choose EthosEnergy Union Field Services?

24/7 Availability

Engineers on site with 24 hours

Specialists in Emergency Response

Tailored Solutions

Portable machinery & complete fleet of tooled service trucks

Rotating equipment failures can unexpectedly occur, and when they do our Union Field Service team will be on hand to execute an emergency repair.

By applying our expertise and project management excellence, our specialists can effectively implement valuable emergency repair solutions on multiple OEM equipment including:

Gas Turbines

Steam Turbines




Our Union Field Service team can tackle everything from seal and bearings failures to parts replacement, directly on-site or in conjunction with our repair shops in Houston, Texas.

We are confident you will find EthosEnergy Field Services to be different from other industry players; offering a truly unique combination of OEM capability coupled with the flexibility, transparency and responsiveness of an independent.

With over 45 years of experience and 24/7 availability the EthosEnergy Union Field Service team is always on hand to you offer you expert advice and cost effective solutions for any unplanned outages.