I knew that I wanted to work in the Power Generation industry and an opportunity came up to work with Shanahan Engineering (an EthosEnergy affiliate), and I was informed that EthosEnergy's International Rotation Program was looking for an Irish candidate. My managers thought it would be a good venture for me, as it would allow me to see different parts of the business and really find out what I wanted to do. The opportunity to be placed into a different role every six months was also very appealing to me.

I am only on my second rotation and I have already been in Dublin in Ireland, Medupi in South Africa and Aberdeen in the UK, working in office, workshop and on-site environments. When in South Africa I was able to work at the fourth largest coal fired power plant in the world which was a great experience for me to really learn.

You are assigned a mentor when you are on the program which basically allows you to keep them up to date on anything that you are doing and ask them any questions that you might have, which I think is great to always have someone to talk to. Your mentor really pushes you to get involved in training and get as much as you can out of each rotation which is really beneficial for both professional and personal growth.

Throughout this program you are exposed to so many different people in different roles and business units. This helps you build relationships throughout the organisation. Moving around also helps you realise what type of work you do and don’t enjoy, and everyone behind the program take that into consideration when you move on to your next rotation.

Not all rotation programs allow you to travel around the world gaining different experiences both in and outside of the workplace. You also get exposure to the Senior Leadership Team every six months. There is also a great network among everyone within the program, it is like a family and everyone helps each other as much as they can. All of these things are what makes this rotation program so unique.