EthosEnergy Is Hooked on Safety!

September 13, 2018

One of our O&M plants, Santa Rosa Energy Center (SREC), in Florida recently achieved an exceptional 15 years without a recordable incident!

SREC reached this outstanding milestone on June 1, 2018 and celebrated on August 1, 2018, using the theme of ‘Hooked on Safety’ throughout the day. Every employee was presented with a fishing shirt and vehicle safety bag embroidered with the logo. The bag contained a variety of useful items should your car break down, including jumper cables, flashlight, safety blanket and first aid kit. This emphasises the importance the SREC facility place on safety not only being a workplace concern, but something you should take home with you as well. Staff continued the fishing theme with a fish fry for lunch, followed by a celebratory cake for dessert.
Dana McNally, Facility Manager, and Brad Soileau, O&M Manager and Site Safety Leader, are extremely proud of all 14 employees at the Florida site.  Dana emphasised that every member of staff is dedicated to being a safety leader, demonstrating awareness for themselves and those around them. They follow all EthosEnergy policies and procedures, have frequent safety meetings, and everyone understands they have the right to stop work if they feel it has become unsafe. Dana truly believes the safety culture that SREC employees have taken to heart and implemented has led to the plant’s amazing safety record.  A special mention also goes to Tony Ward, Operations & Maintenance Technician at SREC, who is the only employee who has worked at the plant for the entire duration of this great achievement!
Charlie Hoock, Senior Vice President of O&M Services said, “A 15 year track record of zero recordable injuries at a power generation facility is an incredible accomplishment.   In that span of time the site has encountered most, if not all, the safety risks we plan for.  Risks such as confined space entry, hot work, proper isolation of energy prior to maintenance, contractor work management, etc.  Clearly, the team consistently embraces and lives a proactive safety culture that has led to them successfully navigating countless safety risks over this span of time.” 
Congratulations to everyone at Santa Rosa Energy Center for your focus and dedication over the last 15 years! This accomplishment could not have been achieved without the commitment of every member of the team, keep up the great work!