The opportunity to travel internationally for a global company is one of the main things that drew me to this program. It offers you exposure to all different business units across the world. The program also offers structured tracks to match your career goals. However, each assignment allows you to learn about many sides of the business so your learning opportunities remain flexible. You also get to review each rotation at the end of the six months, which I feel helps with professional growth as you really get to know your likes and dislikes.

The program has allowed me to find out what it is like to work in different environments as well as countries. I have worked in a work shop, an office and even on site working for EthosEnergy's affiliate, Shanahan Engineering, in South Africa. All of the rotations are so different and I think I have grown leaps and bounds by way of both my personal and professional development. It has its own challenges, but I don't think that type of growth would be possible if it wasn't for the big changes in each six month rotation.

I also love that you are given so much responsibility from the very beginning. You are always encouraged to carry on learning and developing your skills. Having a mentor makes this process even better as it has allowed me to discuss everything with them and learn from them. I also think the mentors are a good example of showing you where you could end up at the end of the program.

The best part about the program is definitely the people, the fact that the company is still reasonably new means that you get a variety of experiences. You  get to meet lots of people across the globe, be part of a close-knit network, and  meet with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) quarterly for exit presentations.

Being part of the EthosEnergy International Rotation Program has made me feel that I am not just a number in a company. I feel like as a member of the program, we are encouraged to take ownership of our work and make improvements whenever possible!