Asset Solutions

At EthosEnergy we provide overhauled and warrantied equipment, upgrades and refurbished gas turbines and generators, and power generation equipment, globally.

Using global turbomachinery resources, our experienced technicians provide quality rotating equipment. Our inventory of new, previously owned, and grey market equipment and generators can help lower capital costs, reduce project schedules, and improve overall project economics. We guarantee reliability, and in the case of sudden and catastrophic generator failure we can try to match your specification and requirements.

We help our customers evaluate the best type of equipment for their project, taking into account capital, construction and life cycle costs, and if a fast track schedule is required, our Equipment Solutions team can identify and recommend the equipment available in our inventory or in the market place. Once the work is completed, EthosEnergy can provide warranties and performance guarantees to allow financing of the project.

These value-added services are only possible from a company like EthosEnergy – a company dedicated to the power business with a unique approach and broad span of technologies.

Procurement, Construction & Commissioning

EthosEnergy provides a wide range of Procurement, Construction and Commissioning services to support developers of new plants or operators expanding the capacity of existing facilities.
Procurement, Construction & Commissioning services

Our skilled project teams deliver project-specific or turnkey gas turbine and thermal power solutions. We have extensive experience in identifying, evaluating, and recommending new or previously owned OEM equipment including gas turbines, generators and transformers across all phases of project development.

Our in-house knowledge covers balance-of-plant systems including boilers, HRSGs, condensers, fuel handling systems, precipitators, ash handling systems, water treatment plants, electrical & control systems, switch gear, and all fluid and gas processes, as well as the core rotating shaft equipment.

Our experience includes simple cycle, combined cycle, and cogeneration gas turbine projects. Our affiliate, Shanahan Engineering brings a wide range of power plant construction management and commissioning experience on gas turbine, combined cycle and conventional thermal power plants, including manpower and management services for two of the largest coal fired plants in the world.

Shanahan Engineering have developed their own Commissioning Management System, that incorporates standard execution plans, knowledge based software (including a toll gates process), standardized inspection and test plans along with a library of procedures to ensure plants are commissioned safely and on time.

EthosEnergy’s modular design strategy enables us to deliver Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning services to construct power plants in cogeneration, combined cycle and simple cycle gas turbine configurations. We implement tested and proven processes to provide fast track reliable power solutions.

These services include plant removal, relocation and reassembly services for existing power plants. From small industrials to large frame-type gas turbines and everything in between, our relocation and construction teams are capable of completing the most challenging assignment.​

Our wide range of Procurement, Construction and Commissioning services include:
  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Third party capital identification and recommendations
  • Procurement of major equipment and balance of plant
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Scheduling
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Performance testing
  • Feasibility studies
  • In country surveys for new projects
  • Planning & scheduling
  • Plant erection estimation
  • Budget preparation
  • Installation & commissioning manuals for plant and OEM equipment
  • Design construct-ability reviews
  • High pressure pipe fabrication

Operations & Maintenance

EthosEnergy provides comprehensive third party operations and maintenance (O&M) services for power plant owners.
EthosEnergy O&M Services

Our proven programs, practices and procedures have been honed from a solid foundation of operating experience, with a focus on enhanced plant performance and reliability, commercial optimization and regulatory compliance.

Both new and existing facilities are managed under a Care, Custody and Control philosophy where scope typically consists of initial mobilization and daily operations, as well as routine preventative and predictive maintenance. Service standards are ensured through the implementation of core processes developed from extensive industry experience and technical knowledge.

Our risk based approach allows us to minimize technical and commercial risks around our customers’ assets and our transparent and flexible contracting allows for a true partnership approach, reinforced with performance based contracts.

By applying our management systems, we are able to stay aligned with our customers’ drivers, measure our performance and continuously improve.

Our industry leading operational and regulatory compliance performance has been rewarded by attracting a global customer base exceeding 25,000MW of installed capacity. For both brownfield and greenfield projects, we deliver complete care, custody and control services to support day-to-day operations and routine maintenance to help minimize unplanned equipment failures and increase plant uptime.

O&M Services
  • Daily plant operations
  • Operator training and qualification
  • Routine maintenance
  • Supply chain, major maintenance management
  • CMMS system integration
  • Performance monitoring & diagnostics
  • Personnel staffing and Human Resource functions
  • Procurement services
  • Regulatory Compliance for environmental, health & safety and NERC
  • NERC managed services

​Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

EthosEnergy provides proven maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions and capabilities across a range of rotating equipment that are designed to increase return on investment.
​Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul


EthosEnergy has a track record of service innovation geared towards lowering the cost of ownership for turbomachinery operators. Our unique approach to risk management, contracting flexibility, and business transparency ensures that asset owners have a real opportunity to improve return on their investment. Using our extensive operational experience and maintenance knowledge, we develop and deliver customized solutions that can optimize plant performance and minimize technical and commercial risk.

New and Refurbished Capital Spares

In addition to providing new components, we provide refurbished and used serviceable parts, giving cost effective options aligned with both your operational needs and project deadlines. An impressive selection of consumables allows owners and operators to use a single source for all component needs. With a commitment to delivering quality parts that ensure the performance of your equipment, we provide certified parts that meet or exceed OEM standards with a full warranty.

Supply Chain Management

To meet individual business challenges, EthosEnergy integrates global capabilities with key suppliers to provide a range of maintenance services for gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, compressors, and balance of plant. Working on your behalf, we achieve economies of scale, and preferred access to parts with reduced complexity, leading to more efficient and effective contract execution.

Field Service

Delivering lower life cycle costs to power plant owners and operators is critical to success. With more than 60 in-house field engineers and an outage support team that completes more than three million hours of field services per year, we effectively execute both planned and unplanned events. Our network of technical experts, turbine engineers and craft labor means that you have a team of experienced maintenance professionals supporting your individual requirements.

​Upgrades & Life Extension

EthosEnergy’s Upgrades and Life Extension portfolio includes a comprehensive range of products and services designed to deliver improved engine performance and output, plant availability, reliability & flexibility.
Upgrades & Life Extensions

From control system upgrades, fuel and seal conversions, brush seal innovations, inlet solutions, to automated tuning and advanced turbine monitoring & diagnostics (M&D) solutions.

Turbomachinery owners and operators modify and upgrade their existing equipment for a variety of reasons, including changes in environmental regulations, adjustments to the plant’s operating profile, plant relocation, or the creation and / or expansion of available fuel supplies.

Our experienced engineers provide tailor-made solutions, applying new technology to help improve start reliability, thermal efficiency, power output, availability, emissions, fuel efficiency and capital cost savings. Having worked on almost every application and major OEM turbine globally, EthosEnergy brings unrivaled expertise in reverse engineering both at our facilities and on-site.


Video: Our Upgrades & Life Extension Capability


Decommissioning / Relocation

The end of a power plant life cycle presents particular challenges for power plant owners.
Power Plant Decommissioning or Relocation

A power plant can be decommissioned, sold, or relocated, but these solutions require special knowledge of the power industry.

Our expert engineers provide decommissioning and long-term on-site or offsite storage services while our experienced Procurement, Construction and Commissioning professionals support developers of new plants or operators expanding the capacity of existing facilities.

If the decision is made to sell the equipment, EthosEnergy can provide marketing services for the plant equipment, using web and direct marketing methods.

In addition, EthosEnergy provides turnkey relocation services, including the removal from the original site, transport to a new location, and reinstallation at a new greenfield or brownfield site. Upgrades and conversions are also available, completing the lifecycle with a return to service of a more efficient, more reliable, and more economical power plant.