At EthosEnergy we provide overhauled and warrantied equipment, upgrades and refurbished gas turbines and generators, and power generation equipment, globally.

Using global turbomachinery resources, our experienced technicians provide quality rotating equipment. Our inventory of new, previously owned, and grey market equipment and generators can help lower capital costs, reduce project schedules, and improve overall project economics. We guarantee reliability, and in the case of sudden and catastrophic generator failure we can try to match your specification and requirements.

We help our customers evaluate the best type of equipment for their project, taking into account capital, construction and life cycle costs, and if a fast track schedule is required, our Equipment Solutions team can identify and recommend the equipment available in our inventory or in the market place. Once the work is completed, EthosEnergy can provide warranties and performance guarantees to allow financing of the project.

These value-added services are only possible from a company like EthosEnergy – a company dedicated to the power business with a unique approach and broad span of technologies.