EthosEnergy provides compliance management services for entities subject to regulation by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). These programs are designed, implemented and maintained with the goal of avoiding penalties for non-compliance, which can range up to $1 million per violation per day.

Our NERC Managed Services includes both the Reliability Standards (693) and Critical Infrastructure Protection standards (CIP). Generator owners and operators are required to maintain prescribed policies and procedures, and must document compliance activities to an “auditably compliant” level at all times. As a compliance services provider, EthosEnergy partners with customers to ensure that optimum levels of operating and regulatory compliance are maintained.

NERC compliance programs are complex and made even more difficult by a constant stream of rule changes and case law interpretations. EthosEnergy’s NERC Managed Services will bring current compliance programs up-to-date and continuously revise the program to meet new requirements.

By utilizing a proven methodology that draws upon digital evidence artifacts generated by asset, workflow, communication and document management functions, it significantly reduces compliance maintenance costs while also minimizing non-compliance risks.

EthosEnergy’s CIP Conversion Services address the industry demand for converting non-critical facilities to critical status to comply with impending rule changes (version 5 CIP standards). From design through implementation and testing, the CIP Conversion program manages policy development and equipment configuration to ensure timely compliance to meet critical deadlines