EthosEnergy is committed to the sustained success of its customers globally in a complex, demanding and ever changing environment.

Our Business Management system is the foundation from which we strive to consistently align to our customers’ needs. We embrace the principles of ISO 9001:2015 and the EFQM Excellence Model as launch pads to a higher state of customer focus, productivity and effectiveness; ensuring we understand and always deliver products and services that meet these needs and expectations.

We integrate the principles in all aspects of our business by setting clear, timely, quality objectives, and establishing consistent execution procedures with proper monitoring and controls to drive continuous improvement. We strive to embed a culture of Service Excellence in everything we do and we make the effort to ensure employees are truly embodying this to deliver value-add to our customers.

The executive leadership of EthosEnergy reviews and acts on customer feedback to continually improve the customer experience. Our highly skilled teams frequently review process performance and feedback to remain the market leader in repairs, services and parts.

Building on our strong quality foundation, we are keenly focused on every aspect of the customer experience with EthosEnergy. We ensure we have well documented procedures for all processes which provide consistency, repeatability, and effectiveness. We innovate and train our teams to meet the ever changing demands that our internal and external customers face and review our feedback for improvement opportunities.

Our culture is defined by the view of EthosEnergy through the eyes of our customers. We recognize those individuals and teams who our customers identify as key to their success. As our culture of Service Excellence continues to mature, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and will achieve this through a high level of performance.

We want our customers to seek us out because they trust and depend on us to deliver a high value service. Our strong customer partnerships are built on the loyalty resulting from consistent Service Excellence, which is key to our mutual growth.

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