Light Turbines

Who can be your service provider?

EthosEnergy’s Light Turbines Center of Excellence facility in Aberdeen, has 35 years of experience and is the world’s leading alternative supplier of services for Siemens sub-15MW gas turbines.

​Our Portfolio

TA 1750 / 1500 / 1250

TB 5400 / 5000 / 4000 / 3000

TD 4000

SGT-100-1S (RM Typhoon)

SGT-100-2S (RU Typhoon) FS

SGT-200-1S (Tornado)

SGT-200-2S (Tornado)

SGT-400 (Cyclone) FS

DLE (Dry Low Emission)

FS = Field Service Only

​Why use EthosEnergy Light Turbines?

Independent from OEMs

Widest range of gas turbines service capabilities

In-house engineering and advanced repair technologies

Global capabilities and resources

Responsive, cost effective, quality service

Trusted and approved by major oil & gas companies

What are our capabilities?

Workshop Overhaul

Full in-house capability to overhaul all above engine types in a world class facility in Aberdeen, UK.


Test Cells

Our state-of-the-art performance test cell with latest control systems supports:

Full load test

All variations of TB, Typhoon SS and Tornado

Gas and Liquid fuels

Single and Twin Shaft

DLE gas fuel test technology

Remote Access for customer witness test


Advanced Parts Manufacturing® program to provide high-quality, alternative Core Engine and package spare parts.


EthosEnergy maintains a large inventory of capital parts, control systems and package parts, and has an agreement with the OEM for parts supply to support operators worldwide.

Component & Accessories Repairs

Extensive supply chain to repair and rejuvenate parts in lieu of new replacement.

Exchange Engines

EthosEnergy maintains a stock of exchange engines for above engine models.

Engineering Team

Strong in-house team of high caliber Chartered Engineers with over 100 years of OEM background and training in major oil and gas companies.

Breakdown & Troubleshooting

Fast response to emergency call-outs; Helpdesk with 24/7/365 access open to our customers.

Controls Upgrades & Maintenance

In-house product to provide complete or partial replacement of obsolete control systems.

Field & Site Services

A team with over 500 years of combined OEM experience provide engineers for site maintenance services, installation and commissioning of all above equipment.


Light Turbines Maintenance (LTM) contracts, as an alternative to traditional LTSA contracts. LTM provides full control in defining required services and transparency to customers in order to minimize life cycle costs and increase availability as well as reliability.

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