Welcome to EthosEnergy in Leominster, Massachusetts

EthosEnergy’s Engineering team is based in Leominster making it well positioned to support customers with specialized, flexible, engineered solutions to optimize their steam turbines. The process starts with the collection of data from the customer and reverse engineering key components. The Leominster team then reviews the data and engineers a solution. By having this expert capability internally, we sets ourselves apart from the competition.

Where is EthosEnergy Leominster?

Leominster is an engineering office located in Massachusetts, US that supports our global steam turbine shops. The team develops fleetwide solutions, as well as custom solutions to fit individual customer’s specific unit needs or issues.

Why use EthosEnergy Leominster?

Speed – For simple failure analysis EthosEnergy can typically redesign within the outage window i.e. first stage Blade cracking

Engineering Experience – EthosEnergy is able to draw from experience and from all OEMs to incorporate a comprehensive solution for the customer

Flexibility – EthosEnergy takes a team approach working hand in hand with the customers engineering team to ensure that the best balanced solution is developed and implemented

Reliability Upgrades:

For many customers reliability is the primary driver for their overhaul. This can stem from a chronic problem or a drive to increase reliability over as-built conditions. Some of the reliability upgrades offered include:

o Blade failure analysis and redesign

o Retractable & snout pipe seals

o Long shanking

o N2 box bolting

o Diaphragm redesign

Performance Upgrades:

Performance upgrades are generally driven by the ability to sell more MW in utility units and a change of process in industrial units. Upgrades offered include:

o Energy package

o L-0 Large blade upgrades

o High efficiency nozzle and 3D bucket profiles

o Addition or removal of extractions

o Complete rerate

Markets Served:




Paper Mills

Oil & Gas


Aluminum & Steel


Any additional industrial facilities with on-site power production

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