Presentation Success at EPRI

November 1, 2019

Joey Martinez, Mechanical Engineer and Tyler Foutz, Generator Sales Representative in Farmington recently presented at the EPRI Steam Generator Workshop in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The EPRI Steam Generator Workshop offers industry best practices and lessons that can be implemented by steam turbine and generator users. It includes a workshop, presentations and discussions on current industry challenges and strategies for improving asset performance.

An audience of around 30 people attended Joey and Tyler’s presentation on “Recent Experience with Rotor Turn Insulation”. It was designed to promote our generator services group in Farmington and its engineering capabilities to redesign insulation systems, the experienced personnel, and the quality programs used to find these issues and correct them.

The presentation was based on a unit that was received into our workshop in Farmington with intermittent vibrations and potential turn shorts. After performing electrical tests and disassembly it was discovered there were failures in the turn insulation that led to the unit being removed from service only 22,000 hours after a rewind in 2009.

After inspection, it was identified that the failure was due to the turn insulation being wider than necessary. This, paired with the combination of the unit turning gears regularly, caused the turn insulation to fail prematurely. The rotor should have lasted closer to 50-70K hours before any issues should have arisen.

Joey and Tyler Presenting at EPRI

The presentation was a great success and generated several questions from the audience. Back at the EthosEnergy booth, multiple conversations were also started on the back of the presentation.

The same presentation was also given by Tyler at the Power Users Annual Conferences and Controls Symposium in St Louis.

Great job Tyler and Joey for a fantastic presentation showcasing our generator capabilities!