Testing, Repair & Overhaul Services ​

EthosEnergy Accessories & Components delivers comprehensive OEM and regulatory approved overhaul services on components and fuel nozzles to military standard.  Our experience in repair development and service innovation enables us to deliver life cycle improvements across a range of applications.  Our capability includes starters, valves, pumps and fuel nozzles.

Our testing, repair and overhaul capabilities apply to the following applications:

Rolls-Royce Adour, Spey, Tyne, Olympus, T56

GE LM2500 Marine

Pratt & Whitney F100-200/220, F100-229, F108, F117, TF33

Why use EthosEnergy for your military gas turbine requirements?

EthosEnergy Accessories and Components has been supporting the Department Of Defence and Ministry of Defence for over 25 years with overhaul and repair development to lower costs and extend the life of their equipment.

Get in touch today and discover how we can support your gas turbine needs.

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