Valves, Actuators & Accessories

​​EthosEnergy is a Woodward Authorized Independent Service Facility (AISF) for select valves, actuators and accessories. EthosEnergy is approved to perform full repair, overhaul and testing activities in-house from our service centers.​

This agreement covers the following parts:

LM Variable Stator Vane Actuator

1907 Small Liquid Valves

LM5000 Variable Geometry Controller

LM1600 Hydraulic Pump & Servovalve

LM2500 Hydraulic Pump & Servovalve

LM2500 Variable Stator Vane Control

Repairs, Overhauls & Testing Services 

EthosEnergy can also provide order management of overhaul services at the OEM of the following parts through the agreement with Woodward:

Liquid Shutoff Valve

LQ25 Liquid Metering Valve & Driver

LQ25T Liquid Metering Valve & Driver

3103 Gas Metering Valve & Driver

Gas Shutoff Valves

1907 Small Gas Valves

1907 Large Liquid Valves

TM Actuators

Hydraulic Control Units

CIT / CDP Sensors

3151 Water Valves with Hydraulic Actuators

3151 Water Valves with Electric Actuators

LM6000 Sprint Water Nozzles ​

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