About Controls and Auto-Tuning

Improve operational performance, ensure environmental compliance and increase plant flexibility.

Global energy demand and higher commodity prices are driving a highly competitive market. Owners and operators of power generating assets need operational and life cycle cost improvements while managing environmental challenges. Improving the return on an owner’s investment in power generation technology requires expertise in a number of critical areas beyond maintenance.

ECOMAX® An Automated Tuning Solution

A gas turbine power plant operator must contend with various (sometimes widely changing) conditions to achieve plant reliability, efficiency, and profitability. Operational flexibility is critical to maximizing output and minimizing environmental effects.

ECOMAX® is a turn-key, fully automated platform which optimizes the operation and thermal efficiency of a gas turbine power plant. Plant operators gain extensive benefits from each component installed and can control their power plants without third-party input. The system maintains NOx & CO compliance, flame stability and acceptable combustion dynamics. Specific plant operating information, critical to plant optimization, can be housed on-site and adjusted in-house.

Advantages Include

Customized operational goals Emissions management/compliance Combustion dynamics control/mitigation Increased fuel flexibility and power potential Improved allowable load operating range Continual optimization

Long term agreements

Optimal Operating Objectives

ECOMAX® allows the plant operator to fully customize operating objectives. With customized pre-set parameters, the operator is able to choose between:

  • Optimal NOx
  • Optimal Dynamics
  • Optimal Power

Pre-set on / off toggle switches allow for easy and immediate switching between operating modes. The plant operator can specify an operational directive for a given situation, all while maintaining the constant ability to switch turbine settings to achieve another operational objective – easily, immediately, and at the operator’s complete discretion.

The CDM system continuously monitors dynamics and relays this information to ECOMAX® either directly or indirectly through the plant DCS or similar controller. Using real-time CDM, CEM, and turbine performance data, ECOMAX® determines when tuning adjustments are necessary and automatically tunes the turbine to suit the operator’s optimization goals.

Video: Controls, Auto-Tuning and Remote Monitoring