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EthosEnergy OEM = Fiat / Avio + Mature Westinghouse

EthosEnergy is committed to creating value with owners and operators of gas turbines originally manufactured by Westinghouse and Fiat / Avio. We are the sole company worldwide providing: OEM competencies; full engineering and design knowledge; original manufacturing and refurbishment specifications; in-house production of major components, repair and improvement capabilities. These same competencies allow EthosEnergy to offer similar coverage / services for the mature Mitsubishi Heavy Industries gas turbine fleet.

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OEM Manufacturer

Since March 2015 EthosEnergy has attained the competencies and all legal rights on an exclusive basis to service and manufacture original components for mature Westinghouse-designed gas turbine frame. This has been achieved through its affiliation with the original OEM manufacturer (Siemens / Westinghouse).

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In any project there is the need to help the Customer with defect / risk / repair cost / benefit decisions. With the technical experience / knowledge available, EthosEnergy OEM engineering can assess engine and component issues related to reliability and performance. This includes understanding customer past issues, combined with their future unit requirements (starts, run life & performance expectations) to drive repair work scope and upgrade cost and benefit decisions.

OEM frame design / components are generally consistent from engine to engine; however, there are design changes that have been implemented over the approximately 35 years of manufacture and operation. EthosEnergy has access to the original build records for the engine being considered along with details of all component change and upgrades. Review of the build records in conjunction with design change documentation will accommodate decisions with respect to replacement upgrades and as required component design intermixing.

All engines incur decreased reliability and performance loss through engine age / degradation. As the engine is refurbished or rebuilt; it is important to understand the key components, clearances, surface areas, operating parameters that need to be confirmed and addressed to improve performance and reliability. As the OEM, we have that knowledge and experience.


Ethos Energy maintains both new and used parts inventory to support Westinghouse engine design fleet operations.In addition to inventory, EthosEnergy has a robust supply chain to further support the fleet parts requirements. EthosEnergy will evaluate Customer’s inventory and make recommendations on specific parts required to support planned or unplanned events. Ethos will then work with the customer with respect to suggested purchases of key “long lead” parts required with intent to minimize risk of project delay.


For the expediency of a project, there is sometimes a need to mix parts with different designs. Where this is possible, it will be done based on OEM understanding of risk, interface issues and effect on engine operation.

Component Repairs

EthosEnergy provides component repair services for a wide range of heavy industrial gas turbines used in the power generation and oil & gas markets. Our advanced technology repair and coating facilities in the US, UK, and Thailand are dedicated to developing component repair solutions to help customers operate within their budget and time frame. We offer a broad portfolio of repair development services which help extend component life and keep maintenance costs and delays to a minimum. Component Repairs and Coating are supported by a global engineering team evaluating the thermodynamic effects of repairs and developing technology to increase the life of parts. Attention is focused on innovative repair and refurbishment techniques.  

Field Services

EthosEnergy offers field service specialists globally and strategically positioned to respond to customer requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our highly trained field service technicians are skilled, experienced and equipped to minimize downtime and disruption to plant operations. In addition to traditional major maintenance coverage, EthosEnergy can offer full time project management to support and manage multi-layered maintenance projects.  


EthosEnergy has a wide range of gas turbine OEM service offerings in the US, Italy and Thailand. Select a facility to find out our full capabilities.

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