About Optimization & Upgrades

EthosEnergy is the only independent provider with the design depth and responsiveness to deliver “FAST” solutions.

Our upgrades and life extension portfolio includes a comprehensive range of products and services designed to deliver improved performance and output, plant life extension, reliability, and flexibility.

Plant owners and operators modify and upgrade their existing equipment for a variety of reasons, including changes in environmental regulations, adjustments to the plant’s operating profile, plant relocation / reconfiguration, or expanded availability requirements.

Advanced Online Monitoring

Our accessible and experienced team provides engineered solutions by applying proven technology that improves start reliability, thermal efficiency, power output, availability, emissions, fuel efficiency, and capital cost savings. We use monitoring and diagnostics (M&D) technology, including thermal performance models, condition based monitoring, and advanced signal pattern recognition to deliver predictive maintenance services that minimize unplanned downtime and reduce operational costs.

For more information on the upgrades and life extension services we provide, please contact us.

Products & Services

Asset Optimization

​​Optimization and Upgrades As an asset management partner, we have extensive capabilities and depth of experience that enables us to deliver innovat...

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Auxiliary & Fuel Solutions

​​Optimization and Upgrades In today’s environment, both the cost and quality of fuel can frequently shift. Savvy asset managers actively monitor a...

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Compressor Water Wash (Online / Offline)

​​Optimization and Upgrades Gas turbine compressors consume approximately 60 percent of cycled energy during operation. The compression cycle consume...

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Cyber Security & Regulatory Compliance

​​Optimization and Upgrades EthosEnergy provides compliance management services for entities subject to regulation by the Federal Energy Regulatory C...

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Dry Low NOx (DLN) Combustion System Upgrades

​Optimization and Upgrades The addition of new or upgraded components for older equipment can bring attractive gains in terms of improved availability,...

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ECOMAX® Combustion Optimization

​Optimization and Upgrades Achieving operational flexibility is critical to maximizing output and minimizing environmental effects. The ECOMAX® combus...

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icon™ Control Systems

​Optimization and Upgrades Our experienced icon™ control system upgrades provide increased flexibility, availability and risk reduction to owners and...

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​Integrated Modular Skids

​​Optimization and Upgrades ​An integrated modular is sometimes referred to as an auxiliary system. It is a self-contained system designed and engi...

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Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

​Optimization and Upgrades The EthosEnergy Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D) center monitors the performance of all turbine technologies, includin...

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Power Augmentation

​Optimization and Upgrades Power augmentation technologies provide the optimum balance of increased power output, minimal long-term equipment maintenan...

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