OOEM Gas Turbine Services

EthosEnergy’s OOEM (Other Original Equipment Manufacturer) Services consist of GE, ABB, and ALSTOM Gas Turbine Services

EthosEnergy is a full-service provider, offering GE Gas Turbine and other OOEM Gas Turbine services; Component Repairs, Parts, Rotor Solutions, Field Services, and Optimization and Upgrades.


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Gas Turbine Services OOEM | Overview

Component Repairs

EthosEnergy provides a wide range of gas turbine component repair services for your heavy industrial gas turbines used in the power generation and oil & gas markets.

Our advanced technology repair and coating facilities are based in the USA, United Kingdom, and Thailand, and through our alliance with Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (PWPS), we are dedicated to developing component repair solutions that help customers operate within their budgets and timescales.

We also offer a broad portfolio of gas turbine repair development services that help to extend your component life, keeping maintenance costs and delays to a minimum. Component Repairs and Coating are supported by a global engineering team, focusing on innovative repair and refurbishment techniques.


EthosEnergy provides customers with new, re-engineered, and refurbished parts in a timely and cost-effective manner. We offer competitive gas turbine parts solutions tailored to your maintenance requirements and operational needs of the power facility.

New Parts: Our new gas turbine parts are designed, developed, and manufactured under the APM trademark and have to exceed over 8 million accumulated operations hours.
Used Parts: Our used gas turbine serviceable parts have all been inspected and certified by EthosEnergy, and are covered under your EthosEnergy warranty.
Rotor Solutions

EthosEnergy has a wide range of gas turbine rotor solutions offered throughout our multiple repair facilities, strategically located across the globe.

Our services include rotor overhauls, Life Time Assessments, Life Time Extensions (including up to 200,000 FFH), and high-speed balances as well as individual components.

We understand that the rotor is the most important part of the gas turbine, working to create an individualized program to address your needs. This can be as small as selling one component to creating a Fleet Rotor Program.

Field Services

EthosEnergy offers field service specialists, responding to customer requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where possible.

EthosEnergy Field Services is the largest global OOEM provider and is capable of meeting facility needs with both union and non-union workforces. Our highly trained field service technicians are equipped to minimize downtime and disruption to power plant operations.

In addition to traditional field service capabilities, EthosEnergy can offer full-time project management to support one or multiple outages.

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EthosEnergy has a wide range of global gas turbine OOEM service offerings and locations, based in the US, Italy, and Thailand. Select a facility to find out our full capabilities.

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