Gas Turbine Component Repair

EthosEnergy is the leading independent provider of component repairs, providing Gas Turbine and other component repair services; Steam Turbine, Compressor, Generator, and Transmission.

EthosEnergy provides first-class component repair services, including a wide range of component repairs within GE / ABB / ALSTOM Gas Turbines. We provide other component repairs within the power generation and oil and gas markets, where our advanced technology repair and coating facilities are committed to developing solutions that keep our customers within their budgets and timescales.

From our dedicated repair facilities, our global engineering teams apply their expertise to design repair schemes that enhance the operational life cycle of your components.

Our engineering technology team is routinely called upon by turbine operators to solve issues concerning; performance, availability, parts life, and emissions.

Our experience with component repair services includes:

5,000+ rotors welded to date including pumps, compressors, steam turbines, gas turbines, motors, and generators

64M+ failure-free operating hours on repaired components

5,000+ sets in operation

850+ turbine wheel weld repairs

Over 1,000 multi-brand critical rotating assets under contract in less than a year

For more information on our component repairs and services, contact us now.

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