Gas Turbine Rotor Solutions


EthosEnergy offers a wide range of rotor solutions which are available throughout our two state-of-the-art facilities, based within the USA and Italy

Together, our facilities provide a comprehensive and flexible portfolio for all of your rotor needs, from minor repairs to complete rotor manufacturing.


The Rotor is the most important part of the gas turbine and we work with each customer to create an individualized program to address your requirements – this can be as small as replacing an individual component to creating a Fleet Rotor Program.

The integrity of the rotor assembly is critical for the safe and reliable operation of a gas turbine. Rotor components have a finite design life and therefore, planned maintenance involving inspection and replacement of life-limiting components is critical for reliable operation, something which we understand at EthosEnergy.

We have developed solutions around re-designing life-limiting components in the gas turbine rotor so that only the components that do not meet inspection criteria can be replaced. This provides a low-cost, flexible solution tailored to meet your current operating profile.

To find out more about our Rotor solutions and services, contact us now.

Products & Services
Rotor Overhauls

Gas turbine rotor overhauls located at our multiple facilities around the world, staffed with customer-focused engineers and technicians

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Rotor End of Life

End of Life Rotor Solutions is specifically targeted for aging fleets to address operating risk concerns for a client

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