Generator Maintenance, Repair & Upgrade Services

EthosEnergy is a global independent provider of services for generators and their equipment, a trusted project partner for power producers.

As generator specialists, we provide all types of services globally, often for the most modern and efficient power plants including nuclear power plants. We make every effort to meet or exceed the continuously rising ever increasing requirements of customers and expectations of the global electric power system.

Generator Specialists

Generally we focus on extensive modernizations and repairs of generators and their equipment. We provide full service and maintenance for them, as well as design and production of new, high-power generators of nominal power up to 600 MW. We have a team that has a wealth of acquired, technical knowledge with 50 years of professional experience.

Our highly skilled and experienced teams have completed hundreds of successful projects on generators, including stators and rotors, globally. We utilize the latest technologies to meet or exceed customer expectations, original specifications and all other requirements, including high quality, safe operation and low plant operating costs. Our priority is to provide the best solutions to improve operating competitiveness and profitability. The scope of work on every generator requires individual analysis, as it depends on the individual needs and requirements of the customer, including the type and size and power of the machine, required technical parameters and operational conditions.

Generator Services

We want to emphasize that we provide a full and wide scope of works, full warranty, maintenance and repair services for generators. We offer inspections, refurbishments, overhauls, repairs, modernizations as well as new generators. In practice, there is no generator component that we cannot manufacture, modernize or repair. We strive to deliver on time and our standard lead times meet or exceed the industry average