​​About Generator Diagnostics & Other Services​

​Our diagnostics provide accurate and reliable results.

​EthosEnergy offers a full and wide scope of diagnostics services for generators (i.e. stators and rotors), their components and equipment as well as other machines as per individual customer requirements. We provide basic and advanced diagnostics, including metrics, measurements, tests and vibrations as well as many other services. Our qualified and experienced specialists with international certificates uses modern and professional testing and measuring devices.

Our diagnostics provide accurate and reliable results that are the basis to determine the generator condition along with recommendations for further safe operation as well as many other information about the tested object.

Products & Services
Generator Inspection Program

At EthosEnergy, we offer three service level plans that are customized by the common request and needs of our customers.

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Generator Diagnostics

As a generator specialist, EthosEnergy’s services include operational analysis and diagnostics on the equipment.

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Generator Reverse Engineering

In order to quickly manufacture components when design documentation is not available, we perform on-site measurements using CMM.

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