Generator Diagnostics & Other Services

As a generator specialist, EthosEnergy’s services include operational analysis and diagnostics on the equipment.
EthosEnergy provides diagnostic services with operational analyses for generators, their components and other equipment. The scope of diagnostics on every machine depends on its technical condition as well as individual customer needs.

As an example, we provide the following tests and measurements:

  • Active resistance measurement of stator and rotor windings
  • Insulation resistance measurement (from 1 to 10kv)
  • Leakage currents and ramp test to 50kv dc
  • Ac and dc high voltage test up to 100kv
  • Offline partial discharge tests and analysis
  • Tg δ and cx test of stator windings
  • Stator core loop test with thermo-vision record
  • Stator core elcid test
  • Stator and rotor wedge tightness test with computer analysis
  • Pressure and vacuum test of stator water-cooled winding
  • High-voltage impulse test for form-wound high-voltage winding
  • Rotor rso test
  • Rotor dissipation flux measurement
  • Vibration diagnostics
  • Bump-test
  • Modal analysis
  • Rotor and stator winding grounds localization test
  • Non-destructive tests ndt (g. Vt -visual tests, vt/video -videoendoscopy or borescopy, pt -penetrant tests, mt -magnetic-particle tests, ut -ultrasonic tests, ut-pa -ultrasonic tests with “phased array” method, et -eddy-currents tests, ht -hardness tests, metallographic examinations as well as many others)