​​About Field & Site Services

​EthosEnergy is a global provider of extensive field services for generators, regardless of the location and type of power system.

We have extensive experience servicing turbo-generators and hydro-generators, i.e. their stators and rotors together with their ancillary equipment. We have highly-qualified, skilled and experienced personnel. Our engineers and technicians use the latest technologies and innovative solutions as well as producing the highest quality of work. We provide a wide range of services, i.e. complete outage and safety planning, generator assessment inspections, tests and measurements, overhaul and recondition services, full-time engineering support, components supply and more. Generally anything we can do at our repair facility we can also do on-site, including advanced technologies.

We focus on the overall outage schedule, technical performance and cost management to complete the maintenance event on time and within budget. We use our 50 years of experience in delivering field services to keep the generators and other power assets fully operational.

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Products & Services
Generator Service Works

Our experienced teams have completed hundreds of successful service works on stators and rotors all over the world.

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Generator Inspections

EthosEnergy provides complete, comprehensive generator inspections, tests and measurements as well as other diagnostic services.

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