​​Generator Stator & Rotor Manufacturer

​We have built our reputation on responsiveness and innovative solutions.

EthosEnergy manufactures and delivers new, high quality generators (i.e. stators and rotors) and new components for generators and their equipment. We continuously improve our generators and focus on increasing their reliability, improving serviceability and high efficiency. We use our best, proven in practice, constantly improved technologies and technical solutions as well as modern, high-quality materials. The solutions we use in generators are in accordance with the latest engineering trends, based on the best construction and technology, theoretical and practical knowledge as well as complex processes and calculation models.

Our solutions are characterized by high efficiency and significantly extend equipment life. We have developed many solutions based on numerous detailed analyses and optimizations, which are confirmed by the results of numerical method calculations, including electromagnetic, thermal, flow and mechanical fields. All our solutions have been positively verified both in many factory tests and in operational practice. The results of tests and measurements of our generators confirm the correctness and validity of the applied design assumptions. Years of operation have proved that our generators are efficient, reliable and highly resistant to various operating conditions, and are robust in their simplicity. Simple, solid and resistant design guarantees many years of undisturbed operation. Our generators and components meet the requirements of many standards, and our manufacturing processes are carried out to certified Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001), other norms (e.g. EN 60034) as well as operating instructions and other requirements, depending on the customer.

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Products & Services
Stator Coil & Bar Manufacturing

Our highly skilled and experienced teams have manufactured new windings for all types of generator stators for 50 years.

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Component Fabrication

EthosEnergy produces a wide range of components for generators, depending on customer requests.

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Generator Designing

EthosEnergy has an accessible, experienced and highly qualified team of talented generator-focused engineers .

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New Generator Production

We produce new, complete high-power generators as well as large stators and rotors.

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