​​About Shop Repairs & Services

EthosEnergy is the leading independent provider of generator repairs.

Years of operation for every machine in changeable loading conditions indicates its imperfections and creates its operational defects. As a generator matures, operational phenomena increase its operational risk, especially when it approaches its expected life-time and finally, the potential for availability-limiting events increases. In such conditions the repair of a generator may become necessary.

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we repair generators as well as their components and equipment. We repair all types of operational defects and damages, e.g. electrical, thermal, thermo-mechanical and mechanical, we fully restore the machine to operational condition. Generators repaired by us have been proved to meet or exceed customer expectations. We provide comprehensive parts solutions for generators. Our extensive inventory includes new parts, as well as refurbished and used serviceable components, providing cost effective options aligned with both operational needs and project deadlines. Our parts and equipment meet or exceed original specifications. We can meet or exceed the most emergent needs.

We offer a full and wide scope of generator works, e.g. reconditioning, repair, rewind, high-speed balance as well as other services. This unique, full-service capability allows customers to have all of their generator services completed in one place by a single company and eliminates an inconvenient need to manage multiple service providers. Our machine shop capabilities are among the most complete and comprehensive in the industry. There is no component on a rotating electrical machine that we cannot repair.

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​​About Shop Repairs & Services EthosEnergy is the leading independent provider of generator repairs. Years of operation for every machine in

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Stator Repairs & Services

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