Generator Life-Time Extension & Solutions

Power plants modify and upgrade their existing equipment for a variety of reasons, including changes in environmental regulations,  reconfigurations, expanded availability requirements or other adjustments.

Furthermore, physical phenomena occurring in generators during operation like deteriorations, ageing and fatigue processes for many years in changeable loading conditions significantly increase their operational risk, especially when a generator approaches its expected lifetime. In such conditions, modernization of the generator may become necessary.

EthosEnergy provides extensive modernizations of large hydrogen- and water-cooled generators as well as all their construction areas, using our knowledge and 50 years of experience. Our modernized solutions have been successfully implemented in many generators of nominal power up to 600 MW, and they can be implemented in machines originally produced by any other manufacturer.

The main reasons to modernize generators are to improve their design, to eliminate their constructional imperfections, to improve their performance, to upgrade their nominal power and other operating parameters, to increase operational efficiency, reliability, flexibility, safety, and to extend generator life-time, as well as to meet all other requirements. For this we offer a comprehensive range of products and services. Our modernizing solutions and modifications are applicable to the whole generator, i.e. stators and rotors, including internal cooling and ventilation systems. Our innovative technical solutions have been verified in practice, and operated in both modernized and newly-manufactured generators. They were prepared based on extensive engineering analyses and optimizations. They are already proven, having been implemented in many generators and operated in many conditions and countries globally. Their simple, solid and resistant design guarantees many years of undisturbed operation. Test and diagnostic results of our modernized generators in operation have confirmed the precision and accuracy of the predicted expectations.

For more information on the moderization and life-time extension services we provide, please contact us.

Products & Services
Generator Stator Upgrades & Modernizations

We specialize in stator upgrades & modernizations as well as a wide range of other services.

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Generator Rotor Upgrades & Modernizations

EthosEnergy modernizes generator rotors with power up to 600 MW using a wide variety of innovative and verified in practice design solutions.

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Generator Component Modernization

We can modernize a wide range of components and equipment for every generator, irrespective of its original manufacturer.

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