About Shop Repairs & Services

​As the leading independent provider of gas turbine, steam turbine, compressor, generator, and transmission repairs, we use our technical expertise, extensive component inventory, a robust supply chain, and a network of repair and overhaul facilities to drive down your cost of ownership and mitigate operational risks to reduce life cycle costs.

Our experience with shop repairs and services include:

5,000+ rotors welded to date including pumps, compressors, steam turbines, gas turbines, motors and generators

64M+ failure free operating hours on repaired components

5,000+ sets in operation

850+ turbine wheel weld repairs

Over 1,000 multi brand critical rotating assets under contract in less than a year

Products & Services

Valve Repair

EthosEnergy’s Abu Dhabi Facility is one of the first valve repair facilities in the region with repairs being carried out for over 30 years.

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Valve Testing

EthosEnergy has a high throughput capability for high-quantity valve testing due to our use of Ventil machinery which allows testing

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Drilling & Wellhead Equipment Repair

EthosEnergy is a leading independent supplier of services to the oil and gas industry globally, with workshops and personnel providing repair and over

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Christmas Tree Repairs and Modifications

EthosEnergy’s Abu Dhabi Facility has been an OEM authorized repair facility for Christmas trees in the GCC region when operating under a former enti

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Choke Kill Manifold Repairs & Modifications

EthosEnergy has repaired and modified Choke & Kill Manifolds for many major oil & gas service companies in the gulf region and beyond. Our in-house de

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