Steam Turbine Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

Steam Turbines require maintenance for a variety of reasons; planned maintenance, unplanned outages, reliability issues, or need for improved performance.

Over the last four decades EthosEnergy has learned the importance of listening to our customer and responding with solutions fast. We have developed a broad portfolio of capabilities, products and services to meet those needs.

Steam Turbines Services

​Steam turbines primarily require maintenance for one of three reasons; reliability concerns, the need for improved efficiency, or an emergent issue that requires parts repair or replacement. Over the last four decades EthosEnergy has developed a broad portfolio of products and services to provide customers with solutions that match their key drivers.

Steam Turbine Reliability Upgrades

The operating environment in a steam turbine is turbulent and the longer a steam turbine operates the higher the risk of a failure. EthosEnergy has had the opportunity to work on a variety of OEMs and vintages of machines to identify fleet wide problems as well as develop solutions for individual units. Across all steam turbine units sealing is a critical reliability concern. EthosEnergy Retractable Seals provide a sealing system that have larger clearances during start up and shutdown drastically reducing the potential of a rub on the seals or bow in the rotor. In a changing market where many steam turbines are moving away from base load into a cycling environment this is becoming more and more of a critical concern. For all unique concerns, EthosEnergy can perform an Engineering Analysis on vibration, rotor bowing, blade failures, etc. and provide solutions to mitigate any issues.

Steam Turbine Efficiency Upgrades

Steam turbine technology has improved over the years and EthosEnergy can design and apply custom upgrades to increase your aging turbine's efficiency. EthosEnergy has fleetwide solutions such as Last Stage Blade enhancements and SMART™ turbine seal technology, in addition to full turbine redesign capability.

Steam Turbine Part and Repairs

Despite rigorous maintenance programs steam turbine failures can still unexpectedly occur. EthosEnergy has established their facilities, Field Service equipment, and personnel to be able to support any unexpected failure. Not only can we replace in-kind we can also complete a failure analysis so that you are not returning to operation with the same part design that failed in the first place. Repairs to diaphragms and blades are solutions we offer to quickly get your steam turbine up and running.

EthosEnergy looks forward to working with you to find a solution that fits the unique needs of your steam turbine.

Video: Steam Turbine Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul