Steam Turbine Efficiency Upgrades

Steam turbine technology has improved over the years and EthosEnergy can design and apply custom upgrades to increase your aging turbine’s performance.

Efficiency (performance) upgrades are generally driven by the ability to sell more MW in utility units and a change of process in industrial units. Up to 5% efficiency can be lost due to degradation of steam path components (airfoil / diaphragm / nozzle).

Steam Path Assessment: Engineering Analysis of Problems and Potential

An EthosEnergy Steam Path Assessment reveals what a unit’s problems are costing in performance, efficiency and reliability – and what you might gain by allowing EthosEnergy to refurbish your unit.

Based on detailed physical measurements of the unit’s geometry collected during a maintenance turnaround, we use computer simulations and design tools to accurately evaluate the performance and reliability implications of your unit’s current conditions. This assessment can then be used to model the cost and benefits of restoring the unit to “as new” condition or re-engineering rotating and / or stationary elements and uprating the unit with EthosEnergy components.

Case Study: Undoing OEM Mistakes

A paper mill had purchased a turbine uprate from the OEM that originally made the turbine, with poor results – within three years, the turbine failed and required new blades on one rotor. The mill called EthosEnergy for the repair, and while we were replacing the blades in-kind, we also measured for a complete Steam Path Assessment and redesign.

The unit went back in service, but the customer knew and our steam-path analysis showed that the unit would fail again without engineering changes. The customer also wanted to uprate the unit, so they contracted EthosEnergy for the work. Since we had collected the data, we could design a completely new steam path while the unit continued running, then replace everything during a short, scheduled outage. The result? About 12% increase in steam flow capability, 5% improvement in thermal efficiency, and overall 18% increase in MW output.

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