About Parts & Repairs

EthosEnergy can open, inspect, repair, refurbish and upgrade nearly any steam turbine of any size – tackling everything from parts replacement rerates to new rotor manufacture.

We have one of the world’s largest aftermarket turbine design engineering staffs with a reputation for completing upgrades that enhance the reliability and efficiency of your unit. Our advanced manufacturing tools include wire EDM and highspeed multi-axis CNC milling machines, advanced welding technologies like submerged-arc welding; and in-house forging and casting for airfoils allow us to provide our customers with the fast turnaround times they need. We also offer: innovative upgrades like retractable brush seals, floating bell seals and expert re-application of used equipment.

With an EthosEnergy steam turbine repair our customers realize the following benefits:

• Responsive service tailored to your needs and your budget

• Engineered solutions at a fraction of the OEM price

• Engineered upgrades with a proven record of success

• Fast turnaround

• Total quality control at all of our ISO-9001 facilities

• Full support 24/7, 365 days a year, from our global shop facilities and manufacturing centers

Products & Services

Diaphragms & Nozzles

​Diaphragms are a key component to the overall performance of your Steam Turbine, and the degradation of the diaphragms can have a big impact.

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​EthosEnergy is an industry leader in bringing advanced technologies to turbine repairs.

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EthosEnergy is one of the only aftermarket blade suppliers offering complete solutions regardless of your turbines OEM.

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SMART Seals™

EthosEnergy’s SMART Seals™ provide each individual steam turbine with the most effective sealing solution possible.

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OpSpeed™ Balance

With an OpSpeed™ Balance, our customers receive more than a rotor with a high degree of balance.

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