Steam Turbine Seal Optimization​

EthosEnergy is a pioneer in steam turbine seal upgrades. Make the SMART choice, during your next outage, upgrade to customized advanced seals to increase turbine efficiency and reliability, lower emissions and maximize your investment.

Steam leakage caused by increased seal clearances throughout the steam path prevents steam turbines from running at their optimum performance levels. By reducing these clearances and maximizing the effectiveness of steam turbine sealing, significant operational improvements can be realized. Benefits include reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as improved efficiency, generation capability, availability and reliability.

What can we do to help?

Steam turbines, especially older ones, are not running at optimal levels due to degradation in the steam path, including the sealing components. EthosEnergy SMART Seals™ are a cost-effective way to upgrade performance without major capital expenditures or modifications to the unit.

Each SMART Seal™ package is custom designed based on a review of your steam turbine design, MW output, and operating profile. SMART Seal™ upgrades may include some, or all of the following upgraded components which EthosEnergy has established in the market: custom fit conventional packing and tip seals, reduced clearance tip seals, retractable packing rings, retractable brush packing rings, brush tip seals, articulated snout rings/inlet seals, and upgraded horizontal joint bolting. With over 1,000 installations worldwide, EthosEnergy has proven the value of upgrading turbine seals.

Benefits include reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as improved efficiency, generation capability, availability and reliability.

View our Steam Turbine Seals Webinar here, for more information.

Explore our portfolio of steam turbine seal products and services below or get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your specific requirements and receive a free evaluation of what package may be appropriate for your unit.

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Products & Services
Custom Fit Labyrinth Seals

EthosEnergy custom fits labyrinth seals to ensure a round bore and the right clearance regardless of the condition of the case.

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Retractable Packing

Offering less packing wear, lower steam losses, lower emissions, and greater long-term efficiency, performance and reliability.

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Retractable Brush Seals

EthosEnergy’s patented retractable brush seal incorporates a unique brush seal element that operates with a “zero” clearance when closed.

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Tip Seals and J-Strips

We can minimize tip-seal losses, reduce tip-seal damage, and control excessive erosion with tip seal parts custom designed to fit your turbine.

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Brush Tip Seals

EthosEnergy’s brush tip seals offer flexible seals that compensate for rotor irregularities, rotor vibration, and some distortion of holders.

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High Efficiency Articulated Snout Rings

This upgrade solves problems associated with conventional snout rings— oxidation, seizing, leaks and disassembly / reassembly hassles.

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Horizontal Joint Leakage Solutions

This upgrade solves problems such as loss of clamping force, steam leakage, steam cutting and performance loss due to leakage.

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