About Steel Construction

We produce high quality steel components up to 100 tons and specialize in multiple types of large steel construction fabrications.

Design, Construction & Machining Works include:

• Frames for air-cooled & hydrogen-cooled generators

• Generator bed plates

• Turbine elements & compressors

Advantages include:

• In-House fabrications

• Measured by ISO 9001, SLV, & ASME certificates

Machining Capabilities include:

• Boring mill parameters: 15000mm x 5150mm &rotational table with load capability of 80 tons

• Turning details of diameter up to 5000mm & length up to 2500mm on vertical lathes

• Turning, milling & planning elements Up to 6000mm

• Manufacturing, machining, shipment & services design

• Precise machining & advanced welding processes

EthosEnergy Serves a Global Network of Customers

There are three facilities, two of which are in the US; Duncan, South Carolina and East Windsor, Connecticut, with the third in Aberdeen, UK.

Engineered Solutions




Reverse Engineering

3D Printing

Vaccum Brazing

HVOF & Air Plasma Coatings

Heat Treatment

Air & Water Flow

Electro-Discharge Machining

High Temperature Diffusion Coating