About Large Size Construction Capabilities

EthosEnergy manufactures various types of large steel constructions with a weight of up to 280 tons.
We focus on components for generator frames manufactured by Siemens, such as generator stator housings or frame steel structures; frames for nuclear power plant generators, generator bed plates, turbine elements and frames for hydrogen-cooled generators.

Our company, due to high quality products, has become the qualified supplier of generator parts manufactured by Siemens. We are have the SLV certificate, which confirms our qualifications according to ISO standards and ASME standards.

We can perform the following design, construction and machining works:

• Frames for air-cooled generators, generator bed plates, turbine elements, compressors (1-60 tons)

• Frames for hydrogen-cooled generators (45-180 tons)

According to customer needs we have implemented special production lines for Bearing Brackets for hydrogen-cooled generator frames and due to a different customer requirements (calculation, designing and manufacturing) we offer containers for storage and transport of rotors with different features dependent on requirements.

Our modern design team efficiently coordinates and project manages the completion of orders. We are open to requests for quotations for various types of steel components from domestic and foreign customers. We also have the ability to meet the requirements of large component heat treatment. We work in conjunction with qualified suppliers to allow us to keep quality as the priority.