About Machining Services

We specialize in various types of machining works for large elements and offer full scope machining services.
We offer machining in the scope up to 15000 mm with the HBM’s and the diameters up to 5000 mm on vertical lathe or portable hydraulic boring bar. We have a well-equipped machine park, which allow us to offer complex machining services for our customers.

These are our most important machines and scope of services:

• Milling-drilling machines

o CNC WHR 13Q – 5000 mm x 2500 mm with rotating table (18 tons)

o CNC WD 200 – 11 500 mm x 4 150 mm

o CNC W 250 H- 15 000 mm x 5 150 mm with CNC rotating table (80 tons)

o CNC 1150 x 710 mm

o CNC 1140 x 610 mm

o CNC 1000 x 510 mm

o CNC 660 x 356 mm

• Turning and Boring Lathes

o CNC 5000 mm x 2500 mm

o CNC 4500 mm x 2500 mm

o CNC 3600 mm x 3000 mm

o CNC 1600 mm x 1315 mm

We are available and willing to tailor our services for our customers’ needs in relation to manufacturing and machining of components for power plants and other industries.

Due to our precise machining and the advanced welding process, we guarantee high quality and precision of our performed products.