About New Transformers

​We produce new transformers according to customer specification or new units based on transformers already owned by a customer. We also perform repairs and carry out field services.

We are a known manufacturer of new transformers up to 525kV class: Generator Step-Up transformers up to 500MVA, network transformers and autotransformers up to 500MVA, core type furnace transformers and special transformers. We also execute projects with wider scope of works than transformers manufacturing, such as transformers water cooling systems, explosion prevention systems SERGI, sophisticated automatics.

Products & Services


​New Transformers ​We have many years of experience in manufacturing, repairs and servicing of autotransformers. Our main focus is a program of large...

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GSU Transformers

​New Transformers ​Generator Step-Up Transformers are one of the most demanding types of grid-installed devices. This is due to their immense complex...

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Special Transformers

​New Transformers ​EthosEnergy is a manufacturer of special-type transformers used in steel mills and chemical plants for raw material processing. Th...

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Grid Transformers

​New Transformers ​EthosEnergy follows current market requirements providing a large variety of standardized grid transformers ranging from 10 up to ...

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