About Upgrades & Life Extension

​In addition to repair and refurbish services we also offer the opportunity to boost transformer performance by introducing modifications to its design.

The possibility to upgrade is a viable option in many cases, especially older transformer types which suffer from various design shortcomings or where performance is limited by out-of-date materials. Many modern transformers may be also upgraded by replacing some of their components with more efficient, specially designed or modified ones. Transformer upgrades result in a reduction of the overall and hot-spot temperature profile allowing for power output increase as well as improved reliability.

Due to wear and tear of components and the degradation process each transformer at some point reaches the end of its life. This does not necessarily mean it needs to be scrapped, prolonging the lifespan is a viable, cost-effective alternative to its replacement. It requires the removal of degraded components followed by installation of new or refurbished ones.

Transformers upgrade and life extension program main features:

  • Improvements applied to all required transformer components
  • Major power output increase, typically in range of 5 – 20%
  • Life-time extension depending on specific solutions applied
  • Loss reduction resulting in greater efficiency
  • Enhanced reliability due to improved insulation system materials and design
For more information on the upgrades and life extension services we provide, please contact us.