On-Site Steam Turbine Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Services

EthosEnergy provides an extensive range of on-site services including project management, seasoned technicians, labor supervision, health and safety training and millwright work to assist with regular steam turbine inspections, various maintenance activities, major or minor overhauls and complex repairs.

Our highly skilled field service technicians have the skills, ingenuity and assets to perform rigorous and reliable steam turbine inspections and maintenance activities to ensure optimal performance and minimize the risk of costly repairs. Nonetheless, we understand that despite rigorous inspection and maintenance programs steam turbine failures can still unexpectedly occur, and when it does our Union Field Service team will be on hand to propose an efficient solution.

EthosEnergy Union Field Services understands the need for immediate response and flexible solutions which is why we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of on-site maintenance, repair and overhaul services to fit the needs of a multitude of steam turbine operators.

On-site steam turbine capabilities include:

Major / Minor Inspections

Bearing Change Outs

Major Overhauls

Turbine Valve Overhaul / Repair

Installation, Alignment

General Maintenance

Rotor & Diaphragm Repair

Blade Replacement

Blade Manufacture and Redesign via our Engineering Team

Tie Wire Replacement

Spill Strip Replacement

Seal Replacement

Radial & Axial Fit Repairs

Field Machining / Field Balancing


TFA’s (Technical Field Advisors)

Why use EthosEnery Union Field Services?

What sets EthosEnergy apart from the competition is the breadth and depth of our steam turbine field services, which includes outage planning, safety planning, full-time engineering support, project implementation, shop services, parts supply, quality documentation and reporting as well as 24/7 availability. Your steam turbine maintenance, repair or overhaul projects are aided by repair facilities located in Texas, North California and South California, proficient engineers known for their innovative solutions, industry-leading portable machinery and a complete fleet of tooled service trucks.

With over 40 years’ experience, our highly-competent Union Field Service teams are innovators in on-site steam turbine inspection, maintenance and repairs. The skills and experience we possess provide you with assurance that we can deliver these services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Steam Turbine Inspection & Maintenance

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