Stepping Into The Future

October 9, 2019

David Roberts, Workshop Technician and Cameron Wallace, Repair and APM Project Engineer from Light Turbines in Aberdeen both recently graduated from Robert Gordon University with degrees in Engineering.

David graduated with a BEng in Mechanical & Offshore Engineering and Cameron graduated with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. Both started their careers with EthosEnergy as apprentices.

Two years ago, David and Cameron approached Christine Cairns, Learning, Development & Competency Manager with the idea of completing a degree. They were asked to put together a business case on why they should be put forward to study and to show how passionate they were about completing the degrees. They then met with Scott Jessiman, Managing Director of Light Turbines, who went through their cases with them. It was clear they were enthusiastic and passionate about taking on the challenge.

Both degrees lasted two years and consisted of a mixture of group and individual projects. David and Cameron attended night classes whilst continuing their employment with EthosEnergy.

Their courses involved eight modules including Environmental Engineering, Industrial Plant, Offshore Engineering, Engineering Analysis, Signal Acquisition, Instrumentation and Control.

In their final year they both had to complete an Integrated Engineering Project which involved completing a workplace-based project combining various modules together and preparing a dissertation along with a presentation which they delivered to their lecturers.

David and Cameron both graduated from Robert Gordon University in July this year.

On completing his degree, David said, “Completing this course has benefitted me greatly in my role in the Test Cell. The signal acquisition control class gave me a deeper appreciation of engine control systems and the instrumentation used to control and analyze the performance of gas turbines.”

Cameron added, “I feel like this course has helped benefit me with everyday challenges that I am presented with. It has given me the skills to look at the data available and then analyze this data to come up with solutions and make informed engineering decisions. This is a process that I am tasked to do every day with responsibilities such as replying to Vendor Technical Enquiries.”

Congratulations to David and Cameron for achieving their degrees!