The Ragnar Run

March 28, 2019

A team of runners from EthosEnergy recently completed a series of long distance relay races at Wawayanda Lake in New Jersey.

The team of runners included members from our US offices and facilities including Houston, Oneta, Ravenswood, Wallingford, Carroll County Energy and Ocean State. The team also included Domenica Artieda, Kevin Barnard’s (Director of Environmental Compliance) niece and Jason Mitchell, a Wealth Manager from Philadelphia who was recruited last minute to fill in for an injury.

The Ragnar Run is the world’s largest series of overnight running relays. Teams come together to conquer the course over two days and one night, and get pushed to their limits on little sleep. Only one runner competes at one time and each runner runs three legs of the relay ranging between 3-8 miles. When not running, team members can take a well-deserved nap in a tent provided or can take part in activities such as movies, music and eat delicious smores.

The EthosEnergy team ran a total of 16.1 miles each over the relay race with each runner completing three individual runs; one of 3.9 miles, one of 5.1 miles and one of 7.1 miles. The trail was tough and runners had to tackle roots, rocks, hills and due to weather conditions, running water and slippery mud and surfaces. Each runner also had to complete two of the three legs in the dark with just a head lamp and torch for light. Thankfully the team made it through with no injuries.

Kevin Barnard, Director Enviromental Compliance said, “The paths were not simple dirt trails. They were muddy, rocky and root-covered with lots of ascents and some treacherous descents. The last leg of 7.1 miles was one of the hardest runs I have ever done but also one of the most magnficent as the day was breaking in the middle of the run and the forest was coming to life.”

Scott Freese, Ethos Runners Team Captain and Operations Manager said, “This is the most fun event I have competed in. It’s a completely different experience running in the woods in the middle of the night. The feeling is hard to describe but if I was asked to so something like this again it would be a definite YES!”

Team spirit was a real factor in the team’s success in the race. Many members of the team had not met prior to the event but have now become friends as a result.

Chad Jester, Business Manager at Oneta, said “The experience was great! It was a fantastic way to meet EthosEnergy colleagues from other locations. Although I had never met the other team members we quickly became friends.”

Out of the 157 teams who competed, team EthosEnergy finished in a fantastic 39th place with a time of 24 hours, 13 minutes and 25 seconds. Congratulations to all on the great achievement!