Welcome to the EthosEnergy Family, Louisiana Station!

June 25, 2019

On June 1, 2019 the EthosEnergy Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services team took full care, custody, and control of Louisiana Station located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. EthosEnergy has a five year agreement with ExxonMobil to operate the facility. This milestone marked the completion of a 10 month handover phase with ExxonMobil and the prior operator, which included transitioning the employees, building new systems, outlining new processes, conversion of the various suppliers and numerous other activities. On June 5, the ExxonMobil and EthosEnergy teams reviewed and discussed the work completed during the transition and defined 30, 60, and 90 day plans for the various aspects of the Louisiana Station operations. These reviews included training and development of the plant staff, safety priorities and programs, establishment of a risk / reliability program, and many other activities. Terry Schoenborn, Vice President of Operations for EthosEnergy O&M, thanked the ExxonMobil team for their support and great collaboration. Terry mentioned how the values and operating principles of the two organizations fit together well and create a foundation for a successful business relationship.

On June 6 the EthosEnergy O&M Services team hosted a crawfish boil for the Louisiana Station employees. Terry kicked off the lunch celebration by welcoming the plant employees into the EthosEnergy family: “We are very excited to be here and welcome you to EthosEnergy. This has been a successful transition, and the people who made it happen are in this room – it’s all of you.” Terry thanked both the Louisiana Station employees and the transition project team led by Seth Wallace, that worked tirelessly over the previous 10 months, for their hard work and dedication. Many Louisiana Station employees joined EthosEnergy after long careers with the prior operator. Walt Smith, South Region Operations Director for EthosEnergy, spoke about the emotional aspect of changing companies in mid-or-late career. He mentioned that the people of EthosEnergy understand that change is never easy and thanked Louisiana Station employees for choosing to join the EthosEnergy family. “We will continue to learn from one another as we safely and reliably operate the plant for our customer, ExxonMobil.” Dana Boyd, Louisiana Station Facility Manager, was even more brief with his remarks: “Let’s eat!”, as he invited everyone to help themselves to the crawfish, shrimp, mushrooms, corn and potatoes, and started serving jambalaya to his team and guests.

The celebration continued in the evening with a social event welcoming the new employees to the EthosEnergy team, as well as hosting key project leaders from ExxonMobil.

During normal operations the facility is staffed by 84 employees who maintain two combined cycle gas fired combustion turbine generators (Unit 4A  Westinghouse 501D5 & Unit 5A General Electric 7FA) as well as two Westinghouse Steam Turbine Generators. Louisiana Station also operates three conventional CE boilers that when combined with the two HRSG’s provide an average steam production to the ExxonMobil refinery of 1700 – 2200 KLB/HR. The combined energy source of Units 4A CTG, 5A CTG, 2A STG, & 3A STG can provide 387MW. Louisiana Station also has the potential of delivering up to an additional 500 KLB/HR of 600# steam with an additional boiler, known as #9 Boiler.

EthosEnergy looks forward to further developing its relationship with ExxonMobil and the successful operation of Louisiana Station.

Left Photo: Left side of table – Chandler McCaskill, Brad Cossou, Justin England. Right side of table – Eric Thibodeux, Greg Cambre Jr., Patrick Hebert
Center Photo: Louisiana Station employees enjoying crawfish boil
Right Photo: Terry Schoenborn welcoming Louisiana Station employees